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A set of security solutions in the logistics sector


Regardless of the field of activity, any business, whether it be retail, delivery service, transportation of goods, catering, and others, sooner or later faces the issues of logistic interaction in order to reduce the load, optimize and speed up business processes. At the same time, the network, information structure should all function properly; any failure in the work of company management carrying out probabilistic and logistic calculations can lead to irreversible economic losses, violation of contractual obligations, delay in delivery, shipment, and manufacturing of a business product.

Organizations that provide logistics services, have a complex, hierarchical, remote structure of information interaction, AWPs located at remote points, offices, and warehouses must be reliably protected from the actions of intruders, always stay online, ready to provide services to their customers. Because of the competition in the logistics services market, there are no minor details for business processes, the interaction between the company's specialists should be carried out continuously 24/7 without interruptions.


Keeper ZT is a zero-trust platform for deep operational control and protection against all types of cyber threats, workstations, and servers. It is a perfect option for actual use in the field of logistics for a number of reasons:


Keeper ZT provides comprehensive software control

All important system files are isolated. You won’t be able to change or replace them even at the time of system boot

Perfect for protecting end hosts such as ATMs and workstations with payment terminals connected to them

Any launch request is automatically authenticated by multiple parameters

Only software that meets the requirements and company policy can work

Controls all software, scripts, and any executable code

Has powerful protection against deletion

Keeper ZT eliminates the possibility of malicious users using malware

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