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The problem with modern approaches regarding information security is that all types of protection resist existing types of threats and turn out to be completely useless when confronted with new attack methods, 0-day vulnerabilities, and social engineering. Their signature databases are not able to update as quickly as the new threats appear; analytical interfaces do not have logical rules for building new methods of bodiless attacks. The modern picture of cybersecurity requires turn-key new approaches to its provision, the use of unconditional data protection measures using software products that are not based on the signature, and probabilistic approach.

The riskiest in financial institutions are attacks on the payment infrastructure; in these cases, the bank suffers direct financial losses, which amount to tens and hundreds of millions of rubles.

Banking experts remember well the series of attacks in 2016 on the payment system of the Bank of Russia, the total damage of which exceeded 1.5 billion rubles. They also remember the unauthorized debits from correspondent bank accounts through the SWIFT system.

Inactivity entails economic losses

Well-trained criminal groups pose the greatest threat to the banking and finance sector. Such attacks are usually called advanced persistent threat attacks, and the criminal groups that stand behind them are called APT groups. In 2018, Russian banks lost millions of rubles as a result of the actions of the Cobalt and Silence APT groups.

Another dangerous trend in recent years is attacks on processing centers of banks with the withdrawal of funds through ATMs. These attacks can be roughly divided into two categories. The first is the infection of the ATM management subsystem or through it, i.e. the ATMs, followed by a command to issue cash. The hackers will only need to approach the ATM with a backpack of sufficient volume at the right time and accept the bills. The second method is to hack the processing with the subsequent crediting of significant amounts to the cards received in advance. Further, these funds are withdrawn through ATMs of different banks.

The banking and financial sectors are subject to the increased attention of cybercriminals who use all known methods of information structure attacks, such as:

Living off the land


Keeper ZT is a zero-trust platform for deep operational control and protection against all types of cyber threats, workstations, and servers. It is a perfect option for practical applications in the field of logistics for a number of reasons:


Keeper ZT provides comprehensive software control

All important system files are isolated. You won’t be able to change or replace them even at the time of system boot

Perfect for protecting end hosts such as ATMs and workstations with payment terminals connected to them

Any launch request is automatically authenticated by multiple parameters

Only software that meets the requirements and company policy can work

Controls all software, scripts, and any executable code

Has powerful protection against deletion

Keeper ZT eliminates the possibility of malicious users using malware

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