Keeper ZT protects and controls:

Server hardware

Workstations are the most common source of viral activity that penetrate into the structure of the enterprise through:

  • Commercial confidentiality of the company
  • Cloud structures
  • Personal data of clients
  • CRM systems control centers
  • Databases
  • Backup storages
  • Security policy management centers
  • Network routing

Об атаках

The server is no different from a conventional PC in terms of its technical design, except that it provides a continuous cycle of operation and fault tolerance.

In this regard, this type of equipment is susceptible to all types of computer attacks and, in fact, is the goal of intruders to penetrate the enterprise network.

Zero Trust Concept

Software products built on Zero Trust technology with EDR systems functions are able to transform your server equipment into a tool with a narrow feature set, which is aimed at the operation of only the service that is required of it while excluding the work of all third-party services and components in real-time and carry out deep analytics.

The Zero Trust, concept says that organizations should not trust unknown software and users, both external and internal, taking full control of all endpoints.

Photo protection

The Keeper ZT software is an EDR system
developed with the goal of being flexible to the needs and objectives of an organization.

Zero Trust technology allows you to keep the management peace in mind for the safety of data and isolate it from unauthorized individuals, ensure long-term operation without failures, and provide proactive protection against all types of malicious software.

  • Minimum load of company’s technical resources
  • Scalability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Protecting key files from attackers
  • Control of the working hours of employees
  • No remote access
  • Tight software control
  • Impossible execution of third-party programs and processes
  • No way to remove or disable the environment protection
  • Event monitoring
  • Virtual environment protection
  • Analytical investigation system
  • File system control
  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Periodic updates