Zero-trust solution prohibits threats even before they occur

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Keeper ZT

A multifunctional new generation Zero trust platform that prevents cyberattacks

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Solutions by fields


Reliable protection of ATM, terminals, banking information structure from all types of computer attacks. We do not fight against threats; we make them not happen.

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Full compliance with tasks and solutions of any complexity. Protecting your business tools and intellectual property.

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State institutions

Protection of personal data, key documents, and secure decision support.

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IT and telecommunications

Comprehensive protection of your infrastructure from a variety of threats, as well as internal and external intruders.

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Military-industrial complex

Solutions for the protection of your intellectual property, ensuring continuous interaction between the structural divisions of the enterprise.

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Fast deployment and scaling of IT infrastructure, protection of online services and agencies. Comprehensive security for your financial transactions.

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Data processing center

Protection of information structures of any complexity, operational integration, support for all known virtualization tools, reduction of technical support duties.

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Pharma retail

Reliable protection of remote objects with an information structure of any complexity. Databases and financial transactions are under guaranteed protection.

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Protection and support of the entire tasking and data in any enterprise of any size.

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Real estate

Reliable protection of your CRM systems, as well as scalability and reliability.

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Committed to protecting medical secrecy, protecting infrastructure and databases.

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Trusted protection for all business processes. Scalability, fault tolerance, efficiency.

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Leading Cybersecurity Solution Provider

We help any type of clients to protect their IT infrastructure from next-generation threats.

Our work is based on progressive technologies, urgent tasks, and innovative concepts of information security.

Trustsoft simplifies the process of creating an uncompromising secure information environment.

Our goals are to stay ahead of dynamically evolving cyber threats, be in line with the digital world in which we operate, and offer advanced tools to solve problems of any complexity in information security.

Our mission is to create a secure information environment of the future.

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